Jaeger Le Coultre Atmos Clock - Atmos Bellows Repair

There seem to be many articles written about Atmos clock repair, a quick google reveals several pages but none seem to face the actual task of re-filling the bellows. Of the many sites I visited, I found the following:-
and, as a technical article, available as a .pdf from Clemson University Tiger Prints mechanical engineering by David Moline & John Wagner entitled ĎOperating Principles, Common Questions and Performance Data for an Atmospheric Driven Atmos Clockí

Of the many Atmos clocks I have been asked to repair, Iíve found wind /bellows related issues to be a rarity - I would be interested to hear from other repairers whether this matches their experience.
My last repair proved an interesting diversion. I had serviced the clock back in 2002 & thought it an unusually short interval of return.
On removing the bellows assembly, I was interested to note that one of my google searches revealed a suggestion that the date of bellows filling/manufacture is written on the bellows facing. Using an 8mm ring spanner to remove the 2 nuts on the model 526 revealed a date of 16th March 1962 so it had lasted for over 50years. On removal, the wind capsule was fully collapsed. Manually winding the clock (by extending & collapsing the wind arm) provided power to the clock which worked without a problem & proved that the failure was indeed due to the bellows.
As a safety measure, the bellows/cover was chilled before rotating the bayonet cover & releasing the bellows themselves. Placing the bellows in water & compressing them failed to reveal any stream of bubbles that would indicate a leak.

Iím no chemist but my mind would tend toward assuming air present when the Ethyl Chloride was added , slowly reacts & alters the chemical composition of the filling until it fails to react to atmospheric/temperature change. One of my colleagues is of the opinion that the small molecule size of Ethyl Chloride makes the metal semi porous allowing a gradual evacuation of the bellows - again, I would delight to hear an authoritative opinion based in fact rather than conjecture
The only source offering re-filling of bellows that I discovered was in the USA & the impracticality/cost of transporting the bellows & failure to obtain a replacement set led me to experiment in refilling them myself. After the re-filling process, I was happy to note that the measured expansion & contraction was at the high end of all the predicted & noted resources. Because the re-filling is completed in house, I can personally guarantee the repair & complete it expeditiously.
Whilst several contributors note that not every bellows can successfully be refilled, I am confident that in most cases we can successfully complete this service & Iím happy to answer enquiries regarding this service whether from a member of the public or a trade repairer

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